Fearing Failure and Letting Go

I am a chronic over thinker....I'm not quite sure when or how exactly I got to be this way, but give me any situation, and I will think up every which way said scenario can go wrong. Now, I also consider myself to be a mindful person so you can imagine the way in which my brain struggles to direct itself. Someone who is mindful knows that their thoughts control the vibrations which are brought back to them. If we think positive thoughts and positive outcomes, this is what we will receive. It's the simple, basic law of attraction. If we focus on the negative, and worry so much about what will go wrong - chances are, something will go wrong. So how does a mindful worrier beat this daily battle? It isn't easy! For me, it usually takes me to the point of getting so worked about something to the point where it becomes my own responsibility (and my only option) to calm myself down with a few reminders. Things like:

  • Everything always works itself out how you need, remember to trust the universe
  • Breathe (this one is important)
  • Whatever is meant to happen will happen, whether it feels like it in this moment or not
  • Worrying won't get you any further
  • Think positive, receive positive. Remember to attract the good
  • Be grateful, always. Even for the little things
  • Be open to receiving, be open to abundance & they will come to you 
They sound cheesy and basic, but it works for me. It is a big battle to face, and it is definitely something to work hard at. But with these reminders, and bringing myself back down to earth, it always feel like a hundred pounds have been lifted off my chest. All the fears and worries, disappear and I start to see the good things coming my way. I realize this is when I start to attract the best things in life. 

One of the things that has been terrifying me and my worrisome brain lately is starting this blog, and starting the instagram page for it. Sounds so silly right? In my head, I know it's silly. But I am that person that wants everything to be absolutely perfect, so I have spent weeks obsessing over every little detail, and how to do this 100% flawlessly. And honestly, at that rate, I don't think I'd ever get started. So I had to let go of the fear of all the things in my head that could go wrong, and how horribly this could crash and burn and just throw everything to the wind. I had to start somewhere. While I may not 100% be doing this as perfectly as I had wanted to planned, I think the best option here is to just go for it. What good is the other option anyway? 

That being said, I am really excited to be on this blogging journey and sharing a little bit more about myself, in hopes that it resonates with others. It scares me to open up so much, and publicly at that, but wow how freeing is it when we beat those fears? 

Do you tend to lean towards worry or mindfulness? Or like me, do you struggle with both? What are some things you do to combat those anxieties and ground yourself again? 


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